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Regenerating & detoxifying massages Almablu Spa - Almar Giardino di Costanza Resort & Spa

The primary goal of the Almablu Programs is to help Almar Hotel’s Guests rediscover self-love, love for their own body and for their true self.

The six packages, such as the  2-days detoxifying program, or the 2-days regenerating program, have been created to offer our Guests a deeper state of serenity and harmony through a unique combination of massages, treatments, and activities.

The skilled hands of our Spa therapists will successfully restore the smooth flow of QI – the vital energy according to age-old Traditional Chinese Medicine – through the dense network of meridians that connects the whole body, determining its state of well-being.

Detoxifying Program

Detoxifying to rediscover the value of feeling good, to bring out skin’s healthy radiance, to experience the flow of a new energy and to purify the spirit.

Almar’s 2-Days Detox Program, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, works from the outside in to rid your body of toxins and energy blocks, and allows you to rediscover a new sense of freedom.

The program cleverly combines facial and body treatments, made with seaweed and Dead Sea Mud, with the traditional stimulation of acupuncture points using moxibustion heat therapy and with a detoxifying energy massage, which act on the liver and kidney energy meridians, for a deeper sense of inner balance.

The program requires a minimum stay of 3 nights and includes private “Stretching of the Meridians” lessons in the morning –on the beach, weather permitting – and three daily revitalizing herbal teas made from dandelion, nettle, and goldenrod (Solidago Virgaurea) for a purifying action.

Pattern - La Piscina
Treatment in Almablu Spa - Almar Giardino di Costanza Resort & Spa
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