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Traditional Sicily
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The restaurant’s name is inspired by a specific element, Mother Water or Acqua Madre, which forms during the salt formation process and settles at the bottom of the salt flats, one of the best known landmarks in the area surrounding Mazara.

The salt, extracted from the salt flats of the South-West coast, is one of the main ingredients featured in the cuisine of AquaMadre Restaurant. The selection of 10 types of traditional and artisanal flavored salts used for the preparation of the various dishes comes from the ancient Culcasi di Nubia salt pan, a Slow Food presidium and the only salt pan in Western Sicily where, for over 100 years, salt has been manually harvested once a year. Furthermore, the salt from the saltpans is a source of inspiration for some artists, who tell the stories of natural salt and Sicilian deposits through their works.

An example of this is the traditional table centerpiece used to set up banquets and events on truly special occasions.

The restaurant offers its Guests a culinary experience that blends modernity with Western customs but stands out for the new twists provided by global influences.

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AquaMadre Restaurant Almar Giardino di Costanza Resort & Spa
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The gastronomic options offered by AquaMadre Restaurant include an extensive selection of traditional dishes that retrace quintessentially Sicilian flavors, using only the best local raw materials. The local artichokes, grown near the cliff, absorb all the properties of seawater and take on a particular and unusual marine and seaweed flavor.

Also noteworthy are the popular red and pink shrimp from Mazara del Vallo, a favorite in the best avant-garde restaurants, as well as the tasty Sicilian blood oranges known all over the world or the traditional wild fennel that aromatizes and gives an unmistakable flavor to dishes.

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